Autogate Repair Specialist Since 1996

As a well-established autogate company, we have been repairing & installing autogate systems since 1996 together with our team of specialized technicians & engineers.

We Repair Any Kinds of Autogates - Commercial & Residential

Our autogate repair services are available for customers who own residential or commercial gates. Feel free to contact us to book an appointment & have your autogate system restored to a safe & proper working order. The repairing services are mostly completed on the spot as all the necessary spare parts for different autogate brands & autogate models are available in our company van. Whatever brand it is, whether it is a local brand or Italian brand, you name it & we have it.

The One-Stop Warehouse for Autogate Spare Parts

We have the important autogate spare parts such as autogate control panel, autogate remote receiver, autogate battery, autogate transformer, autogate dc motor & autogate ac motor all stored at our warehouse. We even store autogate spare parts for out-of-date models. Other than the many autogate brands we carry, we are also capable of supplying autogate parts from the most famous brands in the market, making us a reliable one-stop center for autogate spare parts. Customers are more than welcome to inquire spare parts from us, simply by giving us a call or sending us a few photos through WhatsApp at 012-295 6299

Wheels / Rollers Jumped Off-Track?

We can repair all types of gate wheels & tracks:

  • 1. FOLDING gate rollers / wheels

  • 2. SLIDING gate rollers / wheels

After replacing the autogate rollers, we will do an alignment to ensure that the autogate is in the correct relative position.

Sliding Gate Track Repair

Gate tracks are used for both sliding gates & folding gates. They can be damaged by heavy vehicles overtime. These tracks for factories & homes can be replaced by our autogate engineers & technicians. We have done projects like this for countless times & the longest track we have ever replaced was as long as 155 feet!

Do You Need Bearings Replacement?

The gate bearings help the gate to swing in & out. They can get rusted easily so it is very important to maintain the gate bearings with a silicon-based lubricator. We can replace or repair any gate bearings & hinges, just contact us at 012-295 6299.

Need Autogate Repair Services in Klang Valley?

We have over 20 years experiences in this field. Usually, we can easily tell what your autogate problems are just by a look. Of course, we will perform a diagnostic test & also a troubleshoot to double-check. Most of the autogate spare parts required are always ready in our company vans & service cars, therefore, we can accomplish the autogate repair job on the spot. We now have 3 company vans allowing us to comprise most of the areas in Klang Valley.

Repair Your Autogate Now

The most convenient way possible to get your autogate repaired by us is to snap a few pictures of your autogate’s left & right motors & send them to us through WhatsApp, or u may also call us at 012-295 6299.

Which Autogate Brand Do We Recommend? Why FBM?

The answer is FBM. Although we work with a wide variety of established autogate producers from other countries such as Italy, South Africa & New Zealand, we have also started developing relationships with the top autogate brands from Malaysia over the years. Not only do they prioritize quality, but they are also serious about the after-sales services. FBM is one of the best autogate brands.

FBM - Why we highly recommend this brand?

With 40 years of expertise in autogates, FBM is highly known for its exclusive & high-quality autogates made from only the best materials. The company owns production facilities such as CNC Lathe, CNC Milling, Press Machine, CNC Laser Cutting Machine, CNC Cylindrical Grinding (for precision shafts), Laser Engraving Machine, Water Jet Cutter, etc. Most of their parts are produced in-house, making them easier to quality control. FBM offers autogate systems for swing, folding & sliding gates in a variety of sizes that can handle any rigid conditions in Malaysia. Their spare parts are readily available.

Verify! Verify! Verify!

We should always verify, verify & verify to avoid being deceived by autogate installers. Remember to do some research & examine their companies before hiring them. This can be done in a few aspects, for instance.

  • A. The company offers free autogate checking or troubleshooting.

  • Doesn't this sound a little too good to be true? We all should know that labor, petrol & toll do not come for free right? We can tell you that the autogate guy that approaches you with free services is most likely going to sabotage & tamper with your autogate system, just to charge you a large amount of money to repair it. For homeowners who understand the value of proper troubleshooting, hiring a professional such as AR Autogate Repair would be definitely worth the money. We have got all the parts needed in the van. In other words, we can repair & solve your problems immediately.
  • B. Most customers like to compare prices.

  • You are undoubtedly going to get what you pay for. "Cheap" isn't always "best". You will never know if the autogate guy you are paying for a "cheap" amount is using brand new & high quality components on your autogate.
  • C. Cunning autogate contractors will not tell you that they are giving you used / recond items.

  • They will use whatever that is available in their car boot, making their job easy & also charging you an amount that you could've used to pay for new & high quality items instead. Avoid those contractos who drive sedan cars. There are many cases where the autogate guys remove the new mini dc motor from the autogate arm & replace it with a second-hand dc motor. A large company van with proper tools will always be preferred.
  • D. Many autogate installers tell you that they can do any kind of work, from repairing air conditioners, electrical works to installing autogate systems.

  • One of them may be skilled in plumbing & claim that they can do autogate systems even though he knows nothing about autogates. This is a risk we should never take! An autogate company with over 20 years will most definitely be more ideal.

Why Choose Us

Autogate Installed 10 Years Ago is still in service today

We only use a genuine product that is why your autogate systems can last for so many years.

Proven Track Record

We have been providing autogate installations & services with pride for over 2 decades & we plan on continuing for at least another 2 decades.

High Quality & NEW Spare Parts for Repairs

We use only high quality & new autogate spare parts for all repairing services.

Brand New Items & Equipment

The items & equipment we use are all brand new & unused.

Repair On The Spot

We normally get it repaired on the spot.

Autogate Specialist (30+ years of experience)

We place our focus entirely on autogate installations & services only, nothing more & nothing less.

Fully Stocked Vans (we can repair on the spot)

With fully stocked vans, we have all the needed spare parts & experiences to get the job done during the first time.

Fast Turnaround Time

Our installation & repair services are usually completed within a day by our team of experienced & highly-trained technicians. They make sure to follow a meticulous process while delivering our services, ensuring outstanding results for every one of our customers.

About Us

Autogate Repair (AR) provides autogate installation repair & services as a family-owned & family-operated business based in Ampang & Subang. Since 1996, we have been serving commercial building owners & residents around Klang Valley. AR is currently one of the top autogate companies in Malaysia with 24 years of experience.

We now own a service car and three service vans. In these service vehicles, we store spare parts that are 100% new & genuine, suitable for every autogate.

Other than autogate motor repair, we also provide repair & replacement services for bearings, rollers, tracks, wheels, etc. Please contact us at 012-295 6299 to find out more about our services!

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Autogate Repair at All Areas Within Klang Valley

We have fully-qualified technicians, electricians & engineers to repair both residential & commercial autogate systems within the Klang Valley area. Our autogate repair services are provided to the following areas: Kepong, Damansara, PJ, Cheras, Setapak, Ampang, Gombak, Batu Caves, Bangi, Kajang, Semenyih, Shah Alam & Subang, etc. Due to the number of areas that we cover, we are not able to state the full list here. Please contact us to check if your area is covered

AR Autogate Repair is the top autogate system installer & repairer in Malaysia. Feel free to contact us at 012-295 6299 to seek help from one of our professionals.

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